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E300 Corneal Topographer


Advanced Topography

The Medmont E300 Corneal Topographer is a renowned market leader in corneal topography, offering superior patient comfort and accuracy and the robust features that come from working in the Medmont Studio integrated software environment.

E300 is a computerised Video-Keratometer, using Placido rings to map the surface of the human cornea. The results of patient exams can be used to assist in contact lens fitting, refractive surgery, orthokeratology and general assessment of the cornea.
Exceptional Corneal Coverage

Using 32 rings with 9,600 measurement points and 102,000 analyze points, the E300 provides detailed topography data over a wide area of the human cornea. Coverage extends from a minimum ring diameter of 0.25mm to beyond 10mm, which is ideal for detailed assessment of corneal pathologies and accurate contact lens fitting.

Automated Image Capture and Analysis

Fully automatic image capture keeps patient testing both fast and simple. Images are captured automatically with a simple built-in alignment system. Simply position the instrument, guided by the intuitive 3D focussing target, and let the software do the rest.

Each video frame is analysed in terms of centering, focus and movement. The four best frames are automatically captured and displayed in preview windows, updating progressively as more images are taken, allowing the user to easily view and save the most suitable images for further analysis.

Contact Lens Fitting Software

Automatic fitting of RGP lenes, including multiple peripheral curves, toric, aspheric and conic designs is quickly and easily performed with the E300. An expandable database of standard lens designs is included. Manual adjustment and repositioning of the lens can be preformed, with the results presented on a simulated fluroescein display and a tear film clearance graph.

See Supported Contact Lens Manufactuers for information on which contact lens designs are supported.

Driven by Medmont Studio

Medmont E300 is controlled from within the Medmont Studio integrated software environment and communicates via a USB slot.

Medmont Studio has a friendly and familiar user interface that will leave no regular Windows user lost or confused.

See Medmont Studio for more details.
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