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Understanding OrthoKOrthoK (short for orthokeratology) is a nonsurgical procedure using specially designed contact lenses to gently reshape the curvature of the eye to improve vision. Some benefits of ortho-k are:

  • Vision improvement while you sleep
  • Non-surgical/painless
  • Reversible/low risk
  • Great for children and adults

What is Ortho-K?Ortho-K (Orthokeratology) – Why?While many types of patients benefit from Ortho-K, there are two groups of patients who most often obtain these services: First are children who, with their parents, wish to significantly slow or stop their progression of myopia. The second group are those individuals who need an optical correction but wish to be free of lenses and glasses during all their daytime activities while maintaining clear, comfortable vision.The control of myopia (nearsightedness) in children by the use of ortho-k is being researched and preliminary results are very promising. Click onControlling Myopia for more information.How to use this Ortho-k siteRead the various pages of text, video and other resources to familiarize yourself with orthokeratology (ortho-k). Find a doctor near you by use of the zip code search, either the quick search (25 mile radius) at the top of most pages or the more extensive options on the Advanced Search page.Then call the doctor’s office and ask questions specific to your situation. For example, not all doctors fit children or higher levels of astigmatism. The icons beside the doctors’ names (OAA, FOAA, OKD, MENTOR) are a partial indication of their interest and expertise.Check back to stay current on the latest findings and the latest doctor web sites.