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Ortho-K Patients

Orthokeratology and iSee lenses

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K), is a FDA approved method of treating and correcting nearsightedness known as myopia. Ortho-K corneal refractive treatment uses specially designed highly oxygen permeable contact lenses to gently reshape your corneas while you sleep. After removing the lenses in the morning, your vision is generally correct to 20/20 or better without the need for day time contact lenses or glasses. This effect lasts all day in most cases and may last for several days depending on your prescription and other factors.

The iSee ortho-k lens is the culmination of many years of experience and research resulting in a highly effective lens used in the treatment process of Ortho-k.  Orthokeratology may be used for either monovision or binocular vision correction.

iSee Ortho-k lenses are designed to gently reshape the first few microns of the cornea while you sleep. Once the lenses are removed in the morning, the slight change in the curvature of the corneal surface results in clear vision during waking hours thus reducing your dependency on daytime contact lenses or glasses. The best part about iSee Ortho-k lenses is that they are safe, non-surgical, non-invasive and, if you decide to discontinue treatment, reversible.

While advancements in diagnosis and manufacturing Ortho-k lenses allows for near immediate results, each individual patient has unique visual needs and you should discuss with your practitioner your visual goals. Only after a thorough eye examination will your practitioner be able to provide you with a realistic timeline for you to achieve the full benefits of iSee Ortho-k corneal reshaping lenses.

Your initial fitting:
You should allow for plenty of time for your initial eye exam and fitting of your iSee Ortho-k corneal reshaping lenses. Ideally on your first day of treatment, you will be seen in the morning and again in the afternoon to determine if the lenses settled into the correct position for effective overnight treatment.

Follow up:
Your practitioner will schedule several follow up appointments to monitor your progress and to make any adjustments to your treatment.

After about a month, your practitioner may have you discontinue lens wear for 48 to 72 hours to determine how long your eyes will hold your corrected vision. From this, you and your practitioner will be able to establish whether you need to wear your lenses every night or every other night.

Maintenance of your iSee Ortho K lenses:
Once you have reached your best corrected vision, you will wear your iSee Ortho K lenses every night while you sleep, or less often if directed by your eye care doctor, to maintain your correction.   For as long as you continue corneal reshaping treatment, you should enjoy the clear vision created by the iSee Ortho-k corneal refractive therapy lenses.

As with any medical procedure, and as a part of maintaining good ocular health, you will want to visit your eye care practitioner each year to evaluate your treatment.

Additional information about the care, handling and maintenance of your iSee Ortho K lenses may be found in the iSee Ortho K patient guide.